Seattle Focus: The Brewmasters Company

Seattle Focus: The Brewmasters Company

The Brewmasters Company

The Brewmasters is multiple businesses built on top of one another.  Its dog friendly craft beer taproom located in Renton, WA  is headquarters for its bakery, CBD Apothecary and most importantly, a dog treat haven.  

Dog Friendly bar Seattle WA

Focusing on CBD infused dog treats, Brewmasters dog treats are made with three simple, human grade, ingredients: spent grain, fresh eggs from The Brewmaster's Farm. All treats containing Peanut Butter is made from 100% ground roasted peanuts..  In fact its literally just peanuts roasted and ground down.  So you can feel comfortable knowing that there are no added ingredients (besides CBD).

The owners Marley and Garrett got their start by creating spent grain into dog treats.  They were patient taking time to experiment, and perfect their flavors at local farmers markets (including Pike Place Market), until they were able to build out a brick and mortar bakery complimented by the Taproom we see today.  While they have grown, their values remain consistent  – be sustainable, support/promote other local businesses and create a community center that is welcoming to all.  

Brewmasters products range from dog beer, Boop Balm, to its most popular products the CBD infused peanut butter. 

CBD Infused Dog TreatsCBD infused dog treats Seattle, WA

Brew Dog: Mellow Peanut Butter

Great for senior dogs, young pups, or any dog who loves peanut butter.  The 100% roasted ground peanut butter is infused with 99.98 pure CBD which is great for helping dogs (and humans) deal with pain, stress, and anxiety.  Makes a great kong filler, meal topper, or even dipped in fruits or veggies.  As a bonus, you and your dog can enjoy.

 Brew Dog: Mellow Pup

CBD infused dog treats Seattle WA

The treat version of Brewmasters CBD infused snacks, Brew Dog: Mellow Pup is made from local Blueberries, house ground Flaxseed, and CBD.  Ingredients that can help strengthen cardiovascular and brain health.  Although there is no guarantee these treats will help your pup get smarter.  In addition, Flaxseed contains omega-3 & omega-6 which support a healthy coat and skin,  healthy joints, kidneys and works in concert with the blueberries to promote a healthier/stronger immune system.

We look forward to see what else Brewmasters has up its sleeve, as this growing business is quickly becoming one of our favorite.  Stop by for a beer, shop online, or try one of their products via our PNW Pup Pack


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