Seattle Focus: Hambos Pups

Waterproof leashes handmade in Seattle, WA

Women Owned & Operated in Seattle, WA

What happens when a project to create "tough enough" dog toy for a beloved rescue pup turns into an obsession to create the worlds best leash?  You get the woman owned and operated Hambos Pups based in Seattle, WA.   Featured in January's Monthly PNW Box, Hambos Pups is the brainchild of Seattle local Danielle Hammer (Hambo) whose mission is to help the world create a stronger bond with their furry companions. Danielle does this by creating high quality, handmade leashes, collars, and toys that were specifically designed for wet PNW winters. 

women owned and operated pet company


Hambos Pups History

Using a leather hole punch and the heaviest piece of leather scrap she could find, Danielle looked to YouTube and put together a pizza shaped squeaky toy that lasted a whole afternoon. A great start that inspired her to create more toys. Eventually, her craft evolved into the custom biothane waterproof leashes and collars Hambos is known for today.   

Lightweight, stylish, and most importantly waterproof!  Hambos leashes and collars should be a winter staple in all PNW households.  For our test run, we tried the medium collar and 4 foot leash with their new, and I can't stress this enough lightweight clips.   Evident that it was designed by a dog owner, the leash includes all the necessary clips and a convenient wrist guard to make walking in the cold easy, and safe. The PNW Dry Leash was designed to survive Seattle winters, and is backed by the Hambos accident replacement program to ensure you are confident in your purchase.


water proof dog leash

Hambos Pups makes one of our favorite products made in and for the PNW. We are excited to partner with them, and for a limited time you can use code HAMBOSPUPS25 for 25% off at checkout  






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