Is Pumpkin Good For Your Dog?

Is Pumpkin Good For Your Dog?

Pumpkin is a fiber-rich food that also contains important vitamins & minerals, such as vitamins A, E, & C, and potassium & iron. Plain, canned pumpkin is available year-round and can be a great addition to your canine first aid kit. It can also be given as an occasional treat.

As a result of being packed with fiber, Pumpkin can ease digestion in several ways. The soluble fiber content in pumpkin adds bulk to your dog’s stool by absorbing water, & fiber fermentation produces beneficial fatty acids that supply energy to cells, stimulate intestinal sodium & water absorption, & lower the pH level of the large intestines.  This makes pumpkin a great tool for easing Diarrhea in dogs. 

Fiber also acts as a prebiotic. Prebiotics are different from probiotics in that they stimulate the growth or activity of these beneficial bacteria in the intestines & inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. Fiber does this by lowering the pH level & providing the necessary nutrients these bacteria need.

What Kind of Pumpkin Should I Feed My Dog?

Plain canned pumpkin is the healthiest choice for your dog. Both fresh & canned pumpkin are good sources of nutrients & fiber, but canned pumpkin contains a higher concentration of fiber & nutrients. This is because fresh pumpkin has higher water content than canned pumpkin. However, canned pumpkin with added salt, spices, sugar, or other additives can irritate your dog’s stomach further, counteracting the beneficial effects of the pumpkin. Pumpkin with additives should be avoided at all costs.

Please be sure to NEVER use canned pumpkin pie, as it may contain xylitol, which is toxic to dogs.


Here Are A Few Ways To Feed Your Dog Pumpkin

Add it to their food: Plain canned pumpkin for dogs can be used as a food topper or can simply be mixed into your pet’s food.

Frozen Treats: Try mixing pumpkin with plain yogurt in a 1-to-1 ratio and placing it in the freezer.  After 24 hours, take it out and serve it to your pup. You can use your dogs Kong, or ice trays to give them a crunchy snack.

Home Baked Snacks: Try mixing canned pumpkin with flour and peanut butter (2 cups flour, 1 cup pumpkin, ½ cup peanut butter) and bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 10-15 minutes. Just make sure the peanut butter and pumpkin is free of xylitol, an artificial sweetener that is toxic to dogs.

Buy Premium Dog Treats: Pupcific Northwest sells both Pumpkin Biscuits and Pumpkin Ginger Dog Treats.  Both are great, healthy, ready made options for your pup. 

Check back often as we are sure to have more on the way! 

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