Pupcific Northwest: How It Started!

The Best Dog Sitter In Seattle

What Happens When The Best Dog Sitter In Seattle, Turns To Treats? 

What happens when the best dog sitters in Seattle, turn their focus to treats?  You get Pupcific Northwest!  Pupcific Northwest all started a few years after my wife and I became what felt like full time dog sitters via the Rover app. As a teacher, and full time remote business owner, we always have plenty of time for maximum walks, scratches, and playtime.

We joined rover as as way to give our puppy Kekoa some play time, introduce him to some friends, and make a few extra bucks to buy takeout!  This quickly turned into something much more. In 2022, we have hosted countless dogs through out the year.  From day care, to week long stays.  From Doodles, to Corgis.  Our condo has been a rotating door of different dogs.

Kekoa is the type of dog who will eat ANYTHING like it's the last meal on earth, but many of the dogs we watched were much more picky in what they would or would not ear. As a result I was always on the look out for new and interesting treats for when we had our four legged guests as I wanted to be sure they had a snack they could enjoy!  

The Best Dog Sitters In Seattle!

The Best Treats Available

Eventually, Pupcific Northwest was started. A store that provides dog owners with healthy, pet approved treats that they can feel good about giving to their best friend.  We are slowly growing, and plan to be consistently adding new brands, flavors and products.  We will take our time to ensure quality, and personally (Kekoa) will test everything we sell!

Please feel free to reach out as we love connecting and learning from the dog loving community.

Thank you for visiting, and choosing Pupcific Northwest! We look forward to treating your pup.

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