5 Ways To Keep Dogs Entertained In The Winter Rain

5 Ways To Keep Dogs Entertained In The Winter Rain

If you are in Seattle, the rain is here.  Either way, chances are the weather has cooled and your walks and adventures have gotten a bit shorter.  Some dogs love playing in puddles, and trotting through the rain. Some, despite their owners view on the cold thrive this type of year.

However, given the condensed sunlight, and jam packed schedules of the winter its generally just harder to keep your pup engaged and exercised.  So, here are 5 ways to stimulate your pup while avoiding the cold.

Find it!

Nose work games are one of the easiest ways to tire out your dog. Find it is mentally stimulating game that requires a bit of upfront teaching, but pays dividends for years. 

To play all you have to do is grab some treats and have your dog watch in a stay position as you place them around the room. Give your dog the cue to “find the treats” and encourage your dog to pick them up, remembering to praise them every time they find one. After your confident that your dog understands what “find the treats” means you can making it a bit more challenging. Have them stay in another room as you hide the treats, and start hiding them in spots they have to sniff out such as under a rug. 

It's a great opportunity for your dog to sniff, think, and be creative.  In addition to sharpening their nose, you can work on your dogs stay and release.

Obedience Training & Agility Classes 

Tired of your friend ignoring you when you call their name? Sign your pup up for a Dog Training class.  Classes are a great way to learn essential skills for you and your pup.  In addition to improving your dogs behavior, obedience training is a great source of stimulation for your dog. The Puppy Perfectors are a great choice with flexible classes.

Puppy Puzzles

Dog puzzles come in all shapes and sizes.  Some aid in slow feeding, and some require your dog to use their critical thinking skills (not a strong suit for all dogs).  Finding a game that your pup enjoys is a great way to keep them busy and entertained.

Snuffle Mats, mushroom feeders, or treat toys can all be used to keep your dog busy. Check out a full list here

The Stuffed Kong

Stuffed Kongs are a humans best friend when it comes to relieving dog boredom because they’re so easy to prepare. If you want to keep your dog busy for awhile try stuffing a Kong with some of their favorite treats. You can freeze some peanut butter or broth inside, or just put some treats in there and give your dog something to work for.

Quiet, easy to clean, and flexible the Kong is an EASY way to keep your dog busy.

Sign Your Dog Up For Daycare

If you feel as though you’ve tried it all and your dog still has pent up energy, it may be time up to try out daycare. Doggy daycare offers a way for your dog to be active, social, and enjoy new smells all at the same time. Not to mention that you can use their time at doggy daycare as an opportunity for some TLC or to run errands! Growlerz in Columbia City offers both doggy day care and a covered play park where you can grab a beer while your pup plays! 

Staying active in the winter is hard on everyone -- the nights are cold and dark, and the couch is so inviting. Thankfully, you don’t always have to take your dog on a long walk to keep them exercised. Just think creatively, and you’ll both have a blast! 

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